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Heaven just received another angel today.  My mother passed away this morning.  I am deeply saddened and overcome with grief, but I know that she is in a much better place and is now free of the pain and suffering from the cancer that overtook her body.  I love you, Mom!  Rest in peace...and say hello to dad for me!

Feb. 26th, 2011

One of my Facebook friends just posted this on his wall.  Omg...this song brings back so many memories! Thinking about you today and_one_dave .  :)

My Congratulations!

My intuition told me that this was about to happen, but I didn't expect the news to affect me the way that it has.  Even though I feel a little sad and heartbroken today....(for me)....I can honestly say that I am genuinely, truly happy for you, and_one_dave !  I told you 5 years ago that all I wanted is for you to be happy and not be depressed anymore.  I know now that you are happy, and I know that she has contributed to your happiness!  Dave...I wish you two nothing but the best and the brightest future together!  I only wish that you could have loved me as much as I loved you!  You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart, but I will always wonder why........................................................

Congratulations!  May God Bless you both!  :)
Happy Birthday, Dave!! (and_one_dave )   I have been thinking about you today!  I hope you've been enjoying your day!  :)
I'm never going to find the right guy!   "sigh"  :(
Hey....do you remember going to the Detroit Zoo with me???  If I remember correctly, it was during my very first visit to Dearborn to see you.  We had such a good time....it was a very good day!!  I actually have photos of that day, too!  It makes me smile to look at them!!  :)
I recently interviewed for a job at the Ohio State University Medical Center, and last Friday I found out that I got the job!!  :)  They even came up (at my request) to $ .50 more per hour!!  I went for my extensive pre-employment physical today, and now I'm left with a nice contusion on my inner elbow due to the blood draw (ouch!).  I begin orientation on Monday.  I'm so excited!  It really seems like OSUMC is going to be a great place to work!!  :) 

May. 7th, 2009

I'm so excited because the Ohio State University Medical Center called me today to schedule an interview for next Wednesday, May 13th!!  I hope that the interview goes well, because I would love to work there!  I've already had interviews with two different recruiters, and now they have recommended me for a specific position.  I hope I get the job!!     

May. 5th, 2009

Been thinking lately about my "former" Dearborn friend.  I miss him! 

Awesome Photos!

Check out these awesome photos!  The first group of photos are of the northern lights in Canada's Northwest Territories.  The second group of photos are of actual frozen waves in Antarctica (very cool)!!!